2022 Christmas Filet CAL Details

September isn’t too soon to begin your Christmas makes, so it’s also not too early for a Christmas Filet CAL!

This year’s Christmas Filet CAL patterns are completely FREE – both the One-piece pattern and the Granny Block patterns. It feels a little crazy (from a business perspective) but we are all feeling the stress of the ever-rising prices on things we need just to feed our families. It’s my prayer that you can find some joy, peace, and relaxation through my Christmas Filet CAL this fall.

There are FOUR versions of the 2022 Christmas Filet CAL. 3 one-piece blankets and a joined Granny Block Blanket. Both feature the same 12 gorgeous ornament designs. Well, technically, I think there are 5 versions – but no tester chose to do a solid-color blanket – but you could!

In worsted (aran) weight the blanket will be the perfect size to use on the couch when the air gets a little chilly. Of course you can choose to make your blanket larger by adding more panels/rows/blocks or ornaments…or by using a chunky weight yarn (use a 6mm hook for Chunky) to give it some extra squishy warmth! The Christmas CAL blankets can also be made smaller/lighter y using a DK weight yarn (use a 4mm hook for DK).

2022 Christmas CAL Supply Lists

I stash busted for my blankets. Okay, that should be in the present tense, because I am only 4 weeks along. Thank the Lord for testers! ๐Ÿ˜„ I am using Paintbox Simply Aran for my block version and Caron Simply Soft for my one-piece. I had just enough yarn in my stash in the colors I wanted to make each.

Granny Block Blanket – 46 by 46 inches (nearly square, depending on tension)

  • 137 yards worsted weight yarn for ONE block (includes the sc edging)
  • 22 yards per block for the granny round (using joining-as-you-go to join all the blocks)
    • Optional: To do continuous-join-as-you-go after all the blocks have an initial granny round you will need 352 additional yards of your border color. This version will be approximately 50×50 inches.
  • 200 yards worsted weight yarn for the border
  • 5mm Hook
  • 4.5mm Hook (for all Granny Stitch rounds)
  • Stitch Markers

One-Piece Blanket – 43 by 43 inches (nearly square, depending on tension)

  • 1,716 total yards worsted weight yarn for the blanket body
    • Colored blocks: 143 yards per ornament
    • Colored columns 429 yards per column
    • Colored panels: 572 yards per panel
  • 5mm Hook
  • 4.5mm Hook (for all Granny Stitch rounds)
  • 200 yards worsted weight yarn for the border
  • 5mm Hook is used for the border to help prevent rippling
  • Stitch Markers

Printable version, please? Some people wished to help support the Tour de France Filet CAL this summer – but I didn’t have it tested, so there wasn’t a purchasable version. I had the Christmas CAL tested by nearly a dozen lovely ladies! So, if the economic tailspin hasn’t impacted you too terribly, and you’d like to support this free CAL (or you just prefer a printable format with graphs), then you can purchase the PDF version of this year’s Christmas Filet CAL in my shop. The printable version includes 3 files-

  • The One-piece Blanket Patterns (one with color changing symbols for color blocking and one without these symbols which makes it much easier when you are using all one color for your panels or entire blanket).
  • A printable file with just the graph for the one-piece broken up into large chunks for printing.
  • The Granny Block Blanket with all 12 ornament patterns written out separately & their corresponding graphs.

CAL Release Schedule

September 18 – Block 1 / Panel 1, Part 1

September 25 – Block 2 / Panel 1, Part 2

October 2 – Block 3 / Panel 1, Part 3

October 9- Block 4 / Panel 1, Part 4

October 16 – Block 5 / Panel 2, Part 1

October 23 – Block 6 / Panel 2, Part 2

October 30 – Block 7 / Panel 2, Part 3

November 6 – Block 8 / Panel 2, Part 4

November 13 – Block 9 / Panel 3, Part 1

November 20 – Block 10 / Panel 3, Part 2

November 27 – Block 11 / Panel 3, Part 3

December 4 – Block 12 / Panel 3, Part 4

December 11 – Borders

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