The stitches and techniques below (except the Crab Stitch) are included as a word and/or picture tutorials in my patterns (when I use/recommend them), but over the years many of you have asked to actually see I do different stitches and techniques.

I’m working through a list of things I’d like to show you, but if you have a stitch or technique you’d like to have me teach you – I’d love to! Just drop me an email or social media message and tell me what you’d like me to teach. It doesn’t have to be a stitch or technique I use in my patterns – I’m happy to show you anything!

Okay- on to the list of videos! Just click on the title of the one you want to watch to be taken to that video’s blog post page to watch.

“Quickie” Crochet Tutorial Series-

Want to learn a new stitch in 90 seconds or less? Check out these stitches below!

FDC – Foundation Double Crochet

Simple tutorial (no color changing info – for that place see the FDC & Color Changing Tutorial

Reverse Single Crochet aka the Crab Stitch

I LOVE this stitch for the finishing round of a blanket! It looks awesome and is super easy – once you test it out for a bit. It does feel odd at first to crochet “backwards” but the result is totally worth the time to learn!

Standing Double Crochet

How I start new colors for a new panel, or how I start a new color at the beginning of a project worked in the round (classic granny squares or any of my filet pattern borders).

Granny Cluster Decrease (GCD)

I think I made this stitch up! I use it in all my patterns where I turn filet blocks into joinable granny squares. Also used for putting a granny stitch border around blankets.

Crochet Teaching Tutorial Videos-

These videos range in time, giving you multiple looks at a technique or stitch and explaining things in more depth to help you understand how to make your projects stand out above the rest!

Color Changing Part 1: Foundation Double Crochet & Color Changing

EVERYTHING you need to know about Foundation Double Crochet AND changing colors in my patterns.

Color Changing Part 2: Color Blocking in a One-Piece Blanket

Watch this AFTER you learn to color change during your FDC.

Color Changing Part 3: Color Changing in the Initial SC Edging

With color changing tips & tricks to make a perfect edging.

NEW Videos Coming Soon-

I’ve got such a fun list of stitches and crochet helps I’d like to share with you – you can sign up for blog post update emails (sent not just once a week on Sundays) to get notified when there are new videos to check out. Have a stitch or technique you’d like to see me teach? Just contact me and let me know.

Quickie: Chain-less Round Joining Method (for granny squares)

Quickie: Stacked Single Crochet – pseudo dc stitch to avoid the “ch3 = dc” in projects worked in the round. I use this when I am making granny squares or granny stitch border on my filet blankets. It is best used with my Chain-less Round Joining Method.

How to Guide for Numerical Filet Video Vlog Edition – written version can be found in each of my patterns as well as in this blog post here)

Continuous Join as You Go – Basic Granny Square Edition (but the concept works for any square/rectangle blocks you want to join)

Join As You Go – Basic Method

Join As You Go – Fancy Method