These ebooks are put together in support of my free CALs. Most contain a host of extra designs to go along with the free versions of the projects from each year. Thanks for your support!

When September Ends Shawl
When September Ends Shawl
First, you can find all the info for this new CAL in this post.
  • This pattern can be worked with any weight yarn and hook, but Fine (2) or DK (3) Weights are recommended depending on how warm you’d like your shawl to be. Yarn amounts will vary based on chosen weight and desired size.
  • Size - (not counting leaf edging) 62 inches measured on the straight side (increase to increase) and 34 inches measure up the center (along the center corner line).
  • A Note on gauge + yardage - Hobbii Azalea (Color #10) was used to create this pattern. My exact yardage was 968 yards. My gauge was 18dc + 10 rows = 4 inches. I used one whole cake and needed 20 grams (90 yards) of a second to complete the leaf edge.
  • New to Mayhem & Majesty Triangle Shawl patterns? Please read the Help Guide on page 3 of this pattern before attempting to begin.
  • 1,064 yards fine weight (2) yarn 
  • 4mm Hook
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Sale! Song Shawl CAL 12 Pattern Set
Song Shawl CAL 12 Pattern Set
First, you can find all the info for this new CAL in this post. 4 of the CAL designs are ready download RIGHT AWAY! September - "When September Ends" (Gallery photos from Wendy Howell) October - "Spiderwebs" (Gallery Photos from Marcelle Willemse) November - "November" (Gallery Photos from Teresa Wind) December - "Back to December" (Gallery photo from Linda Morris)

What yarns are good for the Song Shawl projects?

    • As with all my designs, you can use ANY yarn that you like best along with the corresponding hook.
    • The amount of yarn you use will greatly depend on how you like to wear your shawls, and of course the weight of your yarn, hook size, and personal tension will all play into the mix.
    • I'll be giving yarn amounts for mostly Fine weight yarn to use up my hoarded Hobbii Azalea cakes. I'll also be using hand-dyed 4ply and acrylic DK for some of the patterns, too. So really - any yarn will do! It all depends on how warm you want your shawl to be and what yarn you have on hand...or what yarn you want to purchase. 😉
    • I am purposely making sure all the patterns are repeatable so you can size them as needed to fit your yarn weight and your size preference! You could even turn them into blankets if you're a little more advanced & adventurous!
    • The patterns will be mainly triangle shawls. There will be a couple wrap-syle shawls (long rectangular shape), and I may even decide to throw in a couple asymmetrical styles, too.
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Sale! Temperature Blanket Filet Crochet Book (2023 CAL)
Temperature Blanket Filet Crochet Book (2023 CAL)
Make a Temperature Blanket - Filet Crochet Style! 2023's Filet CAL is a Temperature Blanket. The 12 monthly blocks will be completely free, so you do not need this eBook to participate in the CAL or complete your temperature blanket for 2023. However, I think you'll find this ebook to be well worth the purchase! This eBook includes:
  • 12 monthly CAL blocks & joining/border pattern for the complete 2023 Temperature Blanket project.
  • 15 additional holiday & weather blocks to mix and match with the free blocks or make whatever other blankets you'd like.
  • 1 CUSTOM year block - so you can make a historical/memory temperature blanket.
  • graphs for all 32 blocks - on the page next to the numerical pattern for easy checking!
This book can be used along with the 2023 Temperature Filet CAL - but it doesn't have to be! You can use these blocks to make a temperature blanket for ANY year...or no year at all - just make solid color blocks for a lovely blanket. All patterns are written in my signature "numerical filet" pattern writing style and include the graphs. This is a large file - 43 pages - please allow a couple minutes for it to download.
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Christmas Filet CAL (2022)
Christmas Filet CAL (2022)
There are FOUR versions of the 2022 Christmas Filet CAL. 3 one-piece blankets and a joined Granny Block Blanket. Both feature the same 12 gorgeous ornament designs. Well, technically, I think there are 5 versions - but no tester chose to do a solid-color blanket - but you could! In worsted (aran) weight the blanket will be the perfect size to use on the couch when the air gets a little chilly. Of course you can choose to make your blanket larger by adding more panels/rows/blocks or ornaments...or by using a chunky weight yarn (use a 6mm hook for Chunky) to give it some extra squishy warmth! The Christmas CAL blankets can also be made smaller/lighter y using a DK weight yarn (use a 4mm hook for DK). Granny Block Blanket Supply List - 46x46 inches
  • 137 yards worsted weight yarn for ONE block (includes the sc edging)
  • 22 yards per block for the granny round (using joining-as-you-go to join all the blocks)
    • Optional: To do continuous-join-as-you-go after all the blocks have an initial granny round you will need 352 additional yards of your border color. This version will be approximately 50x50 inches.
  • 200 yards worsted weight yarn for the border
  • 5mm Hook
  • 4.5mm Hook (for all Granny Stitch rounds)
  • Stitch Markers
One-piece Blanket Supply List - 43x43 inches
  • 1,716 total yards worsted weight yarn for the blanket body
    • Colored blocks: 143 yards per ornament
    • Colored columns 429 yards per column
    • Colored panels: 572 yards per panel
  • 5mm Hook
  • 4.5mm Hook (for all Granny Stitch rounds)
  • 200 yards worsted weight yarn for the border
  • Stitch Markers
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Lovely Lines – a Filet Sampler Blanket (2022)
Lovely Lines – a Filet Sampler Blanket (2022)
4-5 rows released weekly in 2022! OR get the whole blanket pattern right away!   Sample Crocheted by Cat Wilson
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Sale! Big Emoji Filet Crochet Block Book (2021)
Big Emoji Filet Crochet Block Book (2021)

The Big Emoji Filet Crochet Block Book

Are any of your kids as crazy about Emojis? Then this is the PERFECT pattern book to create some awesome projects for them!
  • Beginner? Stitch tutorial links and other tips and tricks are included.
  • Pattern is written in numerical filet, which is quickly becoming the best filet reading and writing method out there! Clear instructions are given for this easy to understand pattern writing technique.
These Big Emoji Blocks can be worked with any weight yarn and then used to create all kinds of projects. One block in DK yarn with a 4mm hook measures approximately 11 inches after the sc edging, and 12 inches after adding the Granny Square border. You could use numerous edging and joining methods - I just love the look of granny clusters, and it makes joining all the blocks a breeze! If you’d like to work these emojis in a paneled blanket (no joining required) simply FDC/chain a multiple of 51 and place markers every 51 stitches. Then you can repeat the same Emoji across the panel OR you can do different Emojis across the width, just be sure to keep track of which section of 51 sts is which design.
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Sale! 12 Months of Filet Crochet (2020)
12 Months of Filet Crochet (2020)
12 Themes & 17 Patterns for 1 AWESOME year of themed projects!
  • 2 Sampler Projects
  • 15 Different Monthly projects (January, February, and July include two separate project patterns each).
The #2020filetcal has been meticulously reformatted and edited into a beautiful eBook - 12 Months of Filet Crochet - featuring 17 different projects to take you through a year. Purchased separately, all 12 themed monthly blankets (the 12 months are available separately, if you prefer) your total would come to over $60! ***Please note that all patterns are written in Numerical Filet with clear instructions on this new pattern writing technique. A graph is also included.*** Special Thanks to Emma Moss of @stitchedupbyemma for sharing her fabulous photos! NOTE: In your purchase download, you will find a Low Res PDF file and a second file with links to download the High Res PDF and EPUB versions from Google Drive.
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