Love Squared

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Love Squared Blanket

  • This pattern can be worked with any weight yarn and hook.
  • You can work this pattern as individual granny squares to join in the method of your choosing OR make one big continuous granny blanket using the formula provided below for your yarn amounts. 10% has been added to my personal yarn amounts to arrive at the given yardage.
  • Make more or less heart repetitions (rows 10-17) to change the size of your granny blanket. 3 inches per side (6 inches total) using DK yarn & a 4mm hook. • The pattern is written in traditional words for Rows 1-17 AND it is given in Numerical Filet for the rounds 3 -17 with a graph included for the repeated rounds (10-17).
  • Important! I make my solid grannies a little different to avoid that ugly join line up the center of your square (and it is completely necessary for this filet style granny) – refer to the special techniques & terms on page 3, where you’ll find photos to help you. 
  • Beginner? Stitch tutorial links and other tips and tricks are included. Pattern is written in numerical filet, which is quickly becoming the best filet reading and writing method out there! Clear instructions are given for this easy to understand pattern writing technique.


Need extra help along the way? Just ask!

Block Version by Mel of @mel_jane_27

All Pink Version by Jasmine of @njlmum

1 review for Love Squared

  1. Claire Pringle

    Love patterns from Mayhem and Majesty. Used this pattern to make both the large blanket and a patchwork of smaller squares.

    Simple to follow pattern writing, you won’t go back to longhand filet patterns ever!

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