CUSTOM Filet Lettering Panel Pattern


1 Custom Lettering Panel

This listing is for one (1) custom lettering panel (one word, name, or date) that can be added to any filet crochet blanket pattern in my shop (or any blanket pattern you have that is crocheted in rows – just tell me the stitch width of the blanket). If you would like more than one word/name/date please add more than one of this listing into your cart.

  • This pattern is worked as one piece from the bottom up.
  • Pattern is customized to fit any filet blanket pattern in my shop – but you need to own already, or purchase with this panel, the pattern you plan to use.
  • Your custom lettering panel will come with the numerical pattern as well as the graph and information on successfully adding it into your chosen blanket design at the bottom, middle, or top of the blanket. All lettering panels will be centered in the stitch width of your specified blanket.
    • It is yours to use however you like in projects you stitch – but you may not create/sell/share any patterns which include the word/date/name I created for you.
  • If you are new to numerical filet please read this page to familiar yourself with the method.
  • Left handed? It doesn’t matter – just crochet this blanket as written. My patterns have been tested by left-handed crocheters and this does not effect the lettering panels.
  • Want to use this custom panel in another designer’s pattern? Please contact me BEFORE ordering to ensure the stitch width will work.

How to order your lettering-

Please enter the following into the “Additional Information” box at checkout. This is the screen after you click “proceed to checkout” from your cart. If you are on a phone, you will need to scroll down to find this box. You can help me understand your order more clearly by using this format:

Blanket you want to use this panel in: __(name of Mayhem & Majesty pattern)__

Name/word for panel (I can do dates, too): _______________________

Creation Timeline –

Step One: within 24 hours of payment I will email you to personally confirm your order. This is NOT the “Thank you for your order, here are your downloads” email you get immediately after purchase. This personal sent email will come after the system-sent purchase email. In this email, I will double check the spelling and placement of your lettering as well as the stitch width you need.

Step Two: within 3 days of your reply to my personal confirmation, I will email you a proof of your custom design so you can double check the spelling of the names.

Step Three: within 3-5 days of your confirmation of the name spellings you will have final delivery of your custom blanket pattern! You will receive an email from me containing both the Numerical Pattern and Graphs.

Have additional questions before your purchase? Contact me.



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