Merry Little Mug Rug Crochet Pattern

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As promised, I’m sharing my FREE Merry Little Mug Rug pattern, in collaboration with Hobbii, for the #HaveYourselfAMerryLittleDIY Challenge. This is a SUPER simple pattern, and you cam make a bunch of them from a small amount of yarn. I used a sparkle cotton – and it turned out to be the perfect yarn for this merry little project!

Everything you need to create your own Merry Little Mug Rugs is listed below – enjoy!

Merry Little Mug Rug Pattern & Supplies

Row 1: FDC 21

Rows 2-3 (2 rows): 10 , 1 , 10

Row 4: 4 , ( 1 , ) x6 then  4

Row 5: 5 , ( 1 , ) x5 then 5

Row 6: 6 , ( 1 , ) x4 then 6

Row 7: 7 , ( 1 , ) x3 then 7

Row 8: 8 , 1 , 1 , 8

Row 9: 9 , 1 , 9

Row 10: 10 , 10

Row 11: dc across (21 sts)

Sc Edging – Join border color into top right st of Row 11 and sc in this st and each st across the top of your coster, ch1 (mark ch – it is the corner), 2sc around the post of each dc down the side of your coaster,  ch1, sc across the bottom, ch1, 2sc around each dc up the side, ch1, join to beginning sc. Leave tail for sewing and cut yarn.

Tassels – Wrap the yarn around something 2-3” long, wrap it 4 times total. Don’t wrap too tight or it will be hard to remove the wrapped yarn. Cut the yarn .

Insert your hook back-to-front into the ch1 corner space, put the tassel yarn on your hook (through the center of the 4 loops) and put them through the ch1 sp, remove your hook and pull the other end of the tassel yarn through the loop. Pull tightly. Trim to a length you like. 

Make 3 more for the other corners, trimming them to match the by folding your coaster in half and measuring the new tassel to a finished tassel when cutting.

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