January Shawl ~ Tester Showcase

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Happy New Year! I’m starting off the year with a lovely shawl (or scarf) design, which is part of the Song Shawl CAL. You can find the information for the Song Shawl CAL here and listen to the songs for each design. This month’s song is “January White” by Sleeping At Last. Below you’ll find all the amazing January shawls and scarves made by my testers. They are all different and all came out so fabulous – I love how this design is so different when you work is in long or short rows. Such fun!

Get this Pattern: January Shawl

Crocheted by Marcelle Willemse

🧶: Kismet: Ice Cream Sundae – Color #06 in 4ply

🪝: 3.5mm Elle

Finished Size: 11 x 106 inches

Main Width Repeats: 14

Crocheted by Linda Morris

🧶: Sultan Deluxe Blue Moon Diamond

🪝: 4mm

Finished Size: 12 x 94  inches

Main Width Repeats: 2

Crocheted by Teresa Wind

🧶: Big Twist Glam in Dusty Blue (worsted)

🪝: 4mm

Finished Size: 104×14 inches

Main Width Repeats: 18

Crocheted by Lin Etheridge



Finished Size:

Main Width Repeat: 2

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