First Coffee Then Things: Tester Showcase

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First I Drink the coffee…then I do the things! If this is you – then this is a pattern you’re going to love. And if you’ve never tried overlay mosaic crochet – the time is now because along with these patterns I created videos to help you learn! So you can make the practice swatches and then dive into this awesome blanket.

Here’s the traditional overlay version of First Coffee Then Things:

Leah Stark

Finished Size: 40 x 50 inches

Hook: 5mm Knitpro Waves, aluminium hook

Yarn: Stylecraft Special Aran with Wool in Black & Cygnet Boho Spirit Aran in Festival

Lori Trethway (left handed crocheter!)

Finished Size: 42 x 54 inches

Hook: 5mm Tulip Etimo


Background: Brava Worsted in Clarity Lettering: Red Heart Roll with It Melange

Mugs: Caron Colorama Halo in Amber Ocean

Steam for Mugs: Red Heart with Love in Tan

Coffee Beans: Lion Brand Comfy Cotton Blend in Mochaccino

Now for the Tapestry Overlay Mosaic version-

This was the hardest project I have ever taken on. Overlay mosaic is one thing – but tapestry overlay mosaic…holy beans…it’s an undertaking to write! It was a fun challenge though.

Did I like the tapestry overlay? Yes! It was super cool to use so many colors in a mosaic project where usually you only use 2 colors. However, the negative stitch is a little slower and it also squished the blanket a bit. When I added the border the sides did ripple a little bit due to the squish – but it’s not super bothersome. A good blocking may solve that. If do another design like this, I’ll go for a twisted fringed border instead to solve the ripple issue.

If you want to learn Tapestry Overlay Mosaic, I have a video and it comes with a free little coffee bean practice swatch!

Desmond Hopkins

Finished Size: 96 x 100 cm

Hook: 4mm Knit-Pro, wood

Yarn: Elle Charity (DK) in Ivory, Black, Cocoa, Aqua, Shamrock and Wine

Adela Sedlackova

Finished Size: 75 x 75 cm

Hook: 3.0mm, unbranded, metal

Yarn: Vlnika Xena in colors: 638, 618, 612, 614, 629 and 610

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