Overlay Mosaic Crochet – Beginner Basics

The Coffee Bean Practice Swatch – This video is for BEGINNERS to overlay mosaic. You should already know how to chain, single and double crochet (in US terms) before trying this video. I will walk you through the Coffee Bean swatch practice pattern row by row – as well as giving you lots in information about mosaic crochet. The stitches will cover the basic mosaic technique as well as diagonal stitches. This video is about 34 minutes long. There is a free PDF pattern to follow along with the video (you will need it to complete the practice swatch) here: Coffee Bean Swatch (regular overlay mosaic version)

The Envelope Border

The Envelope Border Video will show you how to add the envelope border to you blankets to encase all the ends!

The Negative Stitch

An optional overlay mosaic technique to help “tack down” long flaps of sc on the back of your overlay mosaic blankets. This doesn’t personally bother me at all – but I thought I’d share the option!

Fair warning – If used for the ENTIRE blanket (not just here and there to tack down long rows of sc on the back) it will squish up the blanket, not in a bad way for the design – but it will cause the border to ripple a bit on the sides. I discovered this when making the tapestry overlay mosaic version of my “First Coffee…Then Things” blanket pattern.

Tapestry Overlay Mosaic Crochet – Advanced Fun!

Tapestry Overlay Version of the Coffee Bean Swatch – This video is NOT for beginners to mosaic crochet. This video is about 32 minutes long and assumes you know all the basics (anything I showed/taught in my basic overlay mosaic video). You’ll need the free PDF pattern to go with the video here: Coffee Bean Swatch (regular overlay mosaic version)