2021 Emoji Filet Crochet Along – all the details

As 2020 draws to a close it’s time to reveal the theme for 2021’s filet crochet along: Emojis!


Each month, 2 new Emoji block patterns will be released here on my blog. The Patterns will release on the 1st & 3rd Monday of each month -all year long!

You might want to sign up for blog updates so you get notified when a new Emoji is released! You’ll also want to join the Mayhem & Majesty Makers Facebook community to see what others are making with their Emoji blocks and other M&M designs.

By December 20, you’ll have 24 Emoji blocks + a 2021 block you can join into a giant blanket or make a few smaller blankets….or make pillows, bags, put an emoji on a sweater- the things you can do with these emojis is totally up to your imagination!

Yarn & Supplies

  • Big Emoji Block Book (optional – includes graphs, granny square directions, and exclusive 2021 block)
  • Emoji Block (11 inches): 142 yards DK yarn
  • Emoji Granny Square (12 inches, ebook only): 18 additional yards – 160 yards total
  • 3 balls each of Stylecraft Special DK, as follows:
    • Pomegranate 1083,
    • Spice 1711,
    • Citron 1263,
    • Grass Green 1821,
    • Turquoise 1068,
    • Magenta 1084,
    • and Silver 1203.
  • 4mm Hook
  • Stitch Markers
  • Yarn Needle

I won’t spoil the CAL by showing you all of the Emojis, but I wanted to show off my color scheme! (as the new Emoji release, I’ll add the link below for you as well)

Colors used in my 2021 Emoji Blanket are Stylecraft Special DK, as follows:
Pomegranate 1083, Spice 1711, Citron 1263, Grass Green 1821, Turquoise 1068, Magenta 1084, and joined with Silver 1203

While all the Emoji blocks will be free here on my blog, you can get the patterns side-by-side with their graphs and pattern for turning all your blocks into granny squares – in the Big Emoji Block Book. This beautifully formatted E-book can be read in your favorite reading app or you can print the PDF version double-sided and bind it into a book.

The E-book comes in PDF and EPUB formats (both with hyperlinked table of contents) so you can read it however you like best! You can even pull it into your favorite note taking app (like Noteshelf or Goodnotes) to easily mark off your row progress.

Having the Big Emoji Block Book also allows you to see all the designs ahead of time. This way, you can choose make a one-piece blanket instead of joining blocks. You can alternate Emojis within a panel, or make a panel of all the same Emoji.

The directions to make a one-piece blanket are included in the book (as well as the color changing technique to change colors within a panel so you can make it look like color blocks).

Emoji Block Pattern Posts-

Week 7 – https://mayhemandmajesty.com/2021-emoji-filet-cal-free-emoji-crochet-pattern-week-7/

Week 8 – https://mayhemandmajesty.com/2021-emoji-filet-cal-free-emoji-crochet-pattern-week-8/

Week 9 – https://mayhemandmajesty.com/2021-emoji-filet-cal-free-emoji-crochet-pattern-week-9/

Week 10 – https://mayhemandmajesty.com/2021-emoji-filet-cal-free-emoji-crochet-pattern-week-10/

Week 11 – https://mayhemandmajesty.com/2021-emoji-filet-cal-free-emoji-crochet-pattern-week-11/

Week 12 – https://mayhemandmajesty.com/2021-emoji-filet-cal-free-emoji-crochet-pattern-week-12/

Week 13 – https://mayhemandmajesty.com/2021-emoji-filet-cal-free-emoji-crochet-pattern-week-13/

Week 14 – https://mayhemandmajesty.com/2021-emoji-filet-cal-free-emoji-crochet-pattern-week-14/

Week 15 – https://mayhemandmajesty.com/2021-emoji-filet-cal-free-emoji-crochet-pattern-week-15/

Week 16 – https://mayhemandmajesty.com/2021-emoji-filet-cal-free-emoji-crochet-pattern-week-16

Week 17 – https://mayhemandmajesty.com/2021-emoji-filet-cal-free-emoji-crochet-pattern-week-17/ 

Week 18 – https://mayhemandmajesty.com/2021-emoji-filet-cal-free-emoji-crochet-pattern-week-18/ 

Week 20 – https://mayhemandmajesty.com/2021-emoji-filet-cal-free-emoji-crochet-pattern-week-20/

Week 21 – https://mayhemandmajesty.com/2021-emoji-filet-cal-free-emoji-crochet-pattern-week-21/ 

Week 22 – https://mayhemandmajesty.com/2021-emoji-filet-cal-free-emoji-crochet-pattern-week-22/

Week 23 – https://mayhemandmajesty.com/2021-emoji-filet-cal-free-emoji-crochet-pattern-week-23/

Week 24 – https://mayhemandmajesty.com/2021-emoji-filet-cal-free-emoji-crochet-pattern-week-24-the-end/

Whether you chose to get the book or simply follow the free block patterns here on my blog – 2021 is sure to be an AWESOME year of super fun filet blocks!

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11 Responses

  1. Heather Cornett

    Just found you! I love your patterns and wanted to thank you for taking the time out of your days to share them for free with people like me who love to do things like this but can’t always afford to buy them,. I appreciate u and all your hard work thank u so much!

    • Becca

      Hi Heather,
      I am so glad to hear you enjoy my designs – they are a lot of fun to make!

  2. Kathy

    In the 2021 Emoji Filet CAL week 19 are rows 5, 6 and 7 correct? It is written as follows:
    Row 5: 23 , 1 , 15 , 9
    Row 6: 7 , 21 , 11 , 9
    Row 7: 7 , 3 , 8 , 23 , 6
    but the pattern doesn’t look like the picture if I follow the above pattern.

    • Becca

      Yep, they’re correct! It looks like the picture is mirrored, I must have taken it wrong side up. But you’ll create the same face.

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