Love Always – an Overlay Mosaic Crochet Pattern – Tester Showcase

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I realize as I am working on this showcase ahead of time (yay for time management), that this will arrive in blog subscriber inboxes ON Easter – so I thought I’d take a minute and speak to the celebration and JOY of Easter. ‘Love Always’ is a most fitting name for an Easter season release – because Jesus loves us ALWAYS.

So much so, that He lived and died for us – then rose again the third day – defeating sin and death and offering to everyone everlasting life through something as simple as our BELIEF in His death and resurrection. It’s not about religion or tradition – it’s simply about belief in JESUS. Got questions? Have doubts? Disagree with me? I’d absolutely LOVE to chat with you about Jesus and who the Bible says He truly is (which, in this world of confusion – may not be what you have heard). Anyone: Atheist. Muslim. Jew. Mormon. No joke, I desire so deeply to have a chat with you. You can reach me here. by email and then I’ll even give you my personal number and we can talk in person if you prefer. Your life means THAT much to me. You have nothing to lose in just asking a few questions, so what’s stopping you?

Okay, now on to the RELASE showcase ~ this is hands down my VERY FAVORITE thing I have ever designed…or made…as of yet. Now, I know it LOOKS complicated, but overlay mosaic crochet is just as easy as filet crochet.

No – I see you rolling your eyes – Seriously!

You only need to know how to do single and double crochets (or double and treble for you UK terms folks) to make this blanket.

All the ends incurred from starting a new color each row are encased in the Envelope Border. Which is just a fancy way of saying you make a font border and then a back border and then sc them together with the ends inside. Easy Peasy. Plus, I made a video to help!

Only TWO of the projects below were made by testers who had done Overlay Mosaic before. So, you can see it was totally accessible to new-to-mosaic-crocheters!

Made by: Marcelle Willemse

Yarn: Charity DK in Gravel, Oxide, Teaberry, and Cider

Hook: 5mm aluminum

Size Made: Custom; 4 width repeats + 5 height repeats

Size: 54 x 56 inches (137 x 142 cm)

Envelope Border: Linked DC

Made by: Bridget Green

Yarn: Loops & Threads Soft Classic Worsted in Spa, Light Pink and White

Hook: Boye 5.5mm aluminum

Size Made: Throw Size

Dimensions: 48 x 60 inches (122 x 152 cm)

Envelope Border: Linked DC

Made by: Katie Spencer

Yarn: Elegant yarns Heavenly 8 ply (DK)

Hook: 4.5mm metal

Width Repeats: 4

Height Repeats: 5

Size: Throw Size

Dimensions: 43 x 46 inches (110 x 117 cm)

Envelope Border: Regular DC

Made by: Desmond Hopkins

Yarn: Elle Charity DK in Thistle, Cement, Duck Egg, and Bright Yellow + Kismet Lollipop DK in Mint Green

Hook: Knit Pro 4mm Tunisian

Size Made: Baby Size

Dimensions: 54 x 56 inches (137 x 142 cm)

Envelope Border: Regular DC

Made by: Fay Leicht

Yarn: Paintbox Simply Aran in Paper White, Dusty Rose, Pale Lilac, Dusty Lilac, Washed Teal, and Marine Blue

Hook: 4.5mm

Size Made: Custom; 3 width repeats + 3 height repeats

Dimensions: 33 x 34 inches (84 x 87 cm)

Envelope Border: Regular DC

Made by: Wendy Howell

Yarn: Carnival 8 ply (DK) in Light Grey, Dark Pink, Pink, and Light Pink

Hook: Clover Amour 4.5mm

Size Made: Baby Size

Envelope Border: Regular DC for round 1, then SC in the BLO one round per color use in the blanket body.

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