Wonky Hearts Blanket – Tester Showcase

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Thanks to some amazing testers, I have some AWESOME blankets to show off for this design. So many and no two are alike!

Crocheted by Rochelle Roberts

Version: One Piece, Evenly Spaced

🧶: Yarn Bee ID Yarn (worsted) in Thistle and Rosewater; Yarn Bee Soft & Sleek (worsted) in Purple Haze and French Lilac

🪝: 5.5mm, Clover Amour, Aluminum (main body); 6mm, Clover Amour, Aluminum (border)

Finished Size: 41 x 43 in inches (104 x 109 cm)

Crocheted by Vicky Smith

Version: One Piece, Off Set

🧶: Ports Craft 8ply (DK) Lavender & White

🪝: 4.5mm Clover, metal hook

Finished Size: 36 x 44 inches inches (91.5 x 112 cm)

Crocheted by Claire White

Version: Granny Blocks

🧶: Marvel 4 Seasons 8 ply (DK) in Apricot, Shrimp, Royal Blue, Sea Green, and White

🪝: 4.5mm

Finished Size: 38 x 47 inches (95cm x 118cm cm)

Crocheted by Claire Pringle

Version: One Piece, Evenly Spaced

🧶: Katia Fama DK in color no.42929

🪝: Clover soft touch 3.5mm

Finished Size: 30 x 38 inches (76 x 96.5 cm)

Crocheted by Sharon Dodd

🧶: 4 seasons marvel 8ply (DK) in Peach, Baby Pink, Lilac, Almond, Antique Rose and Shiraz

🪝: 4.5mm

Crocheted by Erika Scarbrough

🧶: I love this yarn (worsted) in stashed colors

🪝: 5mm, Clover Amor; metal hook

Finished Size: 33 x 40 inches (84 x 101.5 cm)

Crocheted by Beverley Wainwright 

Version: One Piece, Evenly Spaced

🧶: Emu classic DK in crepe and amethyst 

🪝: 4mm

Finished Size: 34 x 39 inches (86 x 99 cm)

Crocheted by Katy Prox

🧶: I Love This Yarn (Worsted Weight) in cranberry, grey mist, & antique white

🪝: 4mm

Finished Size: 49 x 53 inches (124.5 x 134.5 cm)

Crocheted by Joan Hutton

🧶: Dk. Stylecraft Special DK in Cloud Blue,
Robin DK Shade no.33, and Emu classic DK in White

🪝: Clover Amour 4mm hook

Finished Size: 34 x 39 inches (86 x 99 cm)

Crocheted by Marcelle Willemse

🧶: Charity DK in Sunshine – Yellow, Sunset – Orange, Potency – Pink, Violet – Purple, Turquoise – Blue, Shamrock – Green, and joined with Charcoal

🪝: 4.5mm Elle Soft Grip

Finished Size: 71 x 49 inches (180 x 125 cm)

Crocheted by Lisa Hoffman

🧶: Hershner DK Castoff

🪝: 4.5 hook by Dots

Finished Size: 52 x 52 inches (132 x 132cm)

Crocheted by Sharon Dodd

This blanket version isn’t in the pattern – but you COULD make long panel strips of the hearts and then granny stitch them together!

Ready to make your own Wonky Hearts blanket?

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