Ditch the Ch3: Use a Stacked Double Crochet

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(this post uses US crochet terms)

Want to learn something new? Of course you do! As crafters, we’re always looking to improve our craft or make life easier by handy little tricks.

Have you ever heard of a Stacked Single Crochet Stitch? This is a stitch you can use in place of the “ch3 & turn” method when you’re starting the a new round of double crochet.

Note: I do not use this in my filet crochet rows since the ch2 will be covered by sc edging anyway. However, I do use a Stacked SC when I’m working my borders, or when I’m working in rounds – like for a granny square or other motif that uses a dc to start the next round. It looks seamless with all the other stitches and you can’t tell where I worked up to the next row/round!

*For this tutorial, the stitch is show being made into a Magic Ring, but you can make this stitch into ANY space or stitch indicated in your pattern to replace the “ch3 is first dc” scenario when working in the round.

Stacked SC Stitch Directions: Make a sc into the st or space indicated. Now make another sc into the left side of the sc you just made. These two sc “stacked” together mimic a dc stitch.


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  1. Linda

    Thanks for this Bec – I normally use a standing dc but I ‘m going to give this a try as I think it looks a bit neater.
    Have the best day !

    • Becca

      I like the standing dc better – but this is good when you aren’t joining a new color. If I am joining a new color I go with the standing stitches!

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