Winds of March Shawl ~ Tester Showcase

Some months, my testers have all been on the same wavelength for their Song Shawls. This month, they’re all different! It is fun to see how the design works up in the different color variations. If you are wondering what the Song Shawl CAL is, you can find the information here and listen to the songs for each design. This month’s song is Winds of March by Journey.

Crocheted by Sharon Dodd

๐Ÿงถ: Bendigo Woollen Mills Multicolored sock in Blue Jeans with Hydrangea Blooms for the finishing rows

๐Ÿช:4.5 Birch aluminum

๐Ÿ“: 174 cm across – 87 cm to tip

Crocheted by Linda Morris

๐Ÿงถ: World of Yarn Malaga

๐Ÿช: 5.5mm

๐Ÿ“: 125cm x 68cm

Crocheted by Teresa Wind

๐Ÿงถ: Hobbii Black Friday cotton cake, 2/fine, color 12, 608 yrds

๐Ÿช: 4mm, Aluminum

๐Ÿ“: 48×42″

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