I am not a Super Mom-

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Sometimes social media comments can be embarrassing. I have a couple friends who sometimes refer to me a “super mom,” which could NOT be farther from the truth. The thing is – these ladies KNOW me. And I thought they knew me better.

I am not a “super mom.” Oh so, so far from it, friends!

“Super” is in the eye of the beholder – and it often feels impossible to figure out how to manage our homes and children well when we are constantly inundated with smiling kids and “super mom” photos on social media all day from people who MUST have life more together than WE do – surely.

Guilty super-photo poster, right here.

At first I thought – oh no, maybe I should post pictures of my children kicking and screaming, or hitting each other. Better yet – how about my 11 year old hitting ME? Yes, he does that in a melt down. It hurts. Physically and emotionally. Or maybe a picture of biting – I have a biter. Or a picture of the door way that my 4 year old has peeled all the paint from in his room. Maybe snapping a shot of my in-tears 8 year old, as I am yelling at him in a most horrifying out-of-control fashion because he forgot to unload the dishwasher before lunchtime, for the infinity-ith time – would do the trick?

Really?! Because, I don’t know about you, but I always have a moment to whip out my phone and hashtag those moments.

Do you know why I post happy, moment-winning pictures? Because THAT is what I want to remember. Not my red-faced mean Mama glares or screaming matches with an extremely strong-willed 8 year old who would likely DIE if he didn’t fit in that last, disrespectful word.

Yes, THERE are some SUPER MOM confessions.

And please, keep posting your happy – because it helps us all remember that those moments DO exist.

May we all look harder within our own walls to find them!


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