Christmas Gnomes Blanket ~ Tester Showcase

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The variety of blankets my testers crocheted for this design blew me away. Even though this is a Christmas design, each blanket is completely different in coloring, and I love the mix of traditional and non-traditional colors.

I am so thankful to have had such a dependable group of women testing this pattern. Their helpful feedback and lovely pictures allowed me to sit back and enjoy their creations without having to complete a full blanket myself. A huge blessing for a busy, homeschooling mom of six! I hope you enjoy their color combos as much as I do.

Get this Pattern: Christmas Gnomes Blanket

Crocheted by Candi Taggart

Yarn: Red Heart Metallic (worsted) in Red & White

Hook: Susan Bates 4mm

Finished Size: 60″ by 85″ (152.5 x 216 cm)

Crocheted by Marcelle Willemse

Yarn: Kismet Lollipop Twinkle DK in Dark Purple, Dark Turquoise, Dark Grey

Charity DK in Chartreuse

Hook: Elle 4mm

Finished Size: 43″ by 56″ (110 x 142 cm)

Crocheted by Jodi Clougherty

Yarn: Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn (worsted) Metallics in Red, Jellybean, and Christmas

Hook: Boyle 4.25mm

Finished Size: 45″ by 60″ (114 x 152 cm)

Crocheted by Camilla Sillerbacke

Yarn: Hobbii Black Friday Cotton 8/8 (worsted) in Light Blue, Pink, Purple, Green, Light Grey, Dark Pink, and White

Hook: 5mm

Finished Size: 50″ by 57″ (125 x 145 cm)

Crocheted by Jacquline Moore

Yarn: Paintbox Simply DK in White, Rose Red, and Racing Green

Hook: Clover 4mm

Finished Size: 35″ by 43″ (89 x 110 cm)

Crocheted by Desmond Hopkins

Yarn: Charity DK in Juniper, Thistle, and Porcelain

Hook: Elle 4mm

Finished Size: 39″ by 51″ (99 x 129.5 cm)

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