Love Always
Love Always
This pattern includes BOTH a right and left hand written pattern and graph!   This pattern uses US Crochet Terms & Stitches ch(s) - chain(s) sp(s) - space(s) st(s) - stitch(es) BLO - back loop only FL - front loop BE - Beginning Edge (sc in both loops of very first st, ch1) EE - Ending Edge (ch1, sc in both loops of final st) sc - single crochet dc - double crochet ddc - dropped double crochet - a regular dc made into the unworked front loop two rows below your current row. Stacked DC - Photo Tutorial Standing DC - Photo or Video Tutorial LDC - Linked double crochet - LDC for an Envelope Border Video Tutorial Pattern Notes
  • This pattern is worked row by row (no turning), and includes a written version for both right & left handed crocheters. Right hand hook is pages 7-10. Left hand hook is pages 11-14.
  • The graph is included in a separate file. There is a one-page image file for use on devices, and there is also a printable version. It can be followed as written, no matter which hand you hold your hook in. Right-hand hook holders read the graph from right-to-left. Left-hand hook holders read the graph from left-to-right. It is colored to show how the color changes occur in the written pattern. As you read the graph, you need to be careful to read only the row you’re working - square by square - making the stitch indicated by the symbol on the square (or lack of symbol, as that means a sc).
  • Your FIRST and LAST stitch of every row are worked into BOTH LOOPS. I start my first sc using a standing sc stitch - this is exactly like a stand dc, only you complete a sc stitch rather than a dc stitch (photo & video tutorials are links in the stitch list above).
  • You’ll see that you are working a chain space after your first, and before your last, stitch. This is to set up the envelope border so you have no ends to sew in. The chain spaces will be what you stitch into as you border the sides of the blanket. The first & final sc (along with all the ends) will be enclosed in the envelope border.
  • Excluding the first and last sc, all other sc are worked into the BLO.
  • The stitches in (  ) are repeated. The design notes a repeat of ‘x3’ - which means you repeat the stitch sequence in the ( ) a total of three times. It may be helpful to place stitch markers to mark off the repeat sets. If you make the Baby size - your repeat will only be x2.
  • About Colors. Each heart is outlined on top by the color of the heart in the proceeding row and outlined on the bottom by the color of the heart in the next row. There is a color planning example and color planning charts on pages 4-6.
  • What about all those ENDS? There’s NO end sewing (except the final border round).
  • Can the size of this blanket be customized? - Yes! You need to chain a multiple of 50 + 36 more. Then adjust the number of times you repeat the main width - the stitches inside the ( ) - to be the same as the multiple of 50 you chose.
  • Never made an Overlay Mosaic project before? - No worries! I had a mix of both veteran and new to mosaic testers, so I hope you find this pattern is easy to follow - even if it is your first overlay mosaic project.
Supplies - throw size with 13 colors
  • 5.5mm Hook
  • C1 & C2 - 340 yards worsted weight yarn per color
  • C3-13 - 220 yards worsted weight yarn per color
  • Solid Color Border - 740 yards worsted weight yarn total
    • Front Border: 340 yards worsted weight yarn
    • Back Border: 340 yards worsted weight yarn
    • TIP! Have a yarn color you don’t care for? Use it for the back border.
  • SC Closing Round: 60 yards worsted weight yarn
  • Stitch Markers (to mark the repeats, if desired)
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