Standing Stitches – Standing Double Crochet

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A little learning post today!

Ever hear of a Standing Stitch? This is a stitch you can use to join a new color when you’re starting a new row or round.

I “learned” it by accident many years ago when I was making hats and wanted a better way to join a new color to complicated designs (it was an R2D2 hat at the time). But then, a couple years ago I found out that the technique I was using was an actual REAL stitch 😆 and here all along I thought I’d come up with something so clever!

A Standing Stitch works with most stitches. I most often use it for single and double crochet – BUT I’ve also used it with popcorns, puffs, and bobbles.

Stand DC Stitch Directions: Create a slip knot and put the loop it creates onto your hook. YO and then proceed to make a dc into the stitch indicated.

The process is just as simple for a Standing SC. Just skip the first YO. I like the Standing Stitch technique because I was never pleased with how I was taught to join a color (with a slst or knot, and then chaining). Standing stitches make all the stitches uniform – no matter if they started the round/row or not. I love them and I hope I’ve won you over too!


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