Sale! 24 Adorable Animal Patterns to Mix & Match
24 Adorable Animal Patterns to Mix & Match
All 24 animals would be $144 if purchased separately, but in this book you get them for just $2.49 each - that's OVER 50% off! This eBook includes 20 adorable animal patterns (+4 more in an add-on pack as of April 19, 2024), clear pattern instructions for making either joinable blocks or a one-piece blanket, the Simple Border, the Ladder Border, the granny block pattern, bordering tips & tricks, color-blocking one-piece instructions, and all 20 graphs. This book is meant to be printed double-sided and hole-punched or bound. All the animal patterns are formatted to face their nice, large graph when the book is open - so you can easily check your stitching against the graph while you work! Each animal pattern is the exact same width and height. You can create countless combinations of animals in a single blanket or just use one animal at a time. UPDATE! 4 NEW Animals as of April 19, 2024!-
  • Patty Panda
  • Tommy Tiger
  • Freddie Frog
  • Teresa Tabby
Original 20 animals included in the eBook from 2021-
  • Olivia Owl
  • Percy Penguin
  • Perrington Puppy
  • Sadie Sloth
  • Leslie Lamb
  • ClementineCow
  • Pricilla Pig
  • Darrel Duck
  • Gerald Giraffe
  • Henrietta Hippo
  • Marvin Monkey
  • Leonard Lion
  • Bella Bunny
  • Bernice Bear
  • Carrie Cat
  • Felix Fox
  • Harvey Hedgehog
  • Kirby Koala
  • Rita Raccoon
  • Wesley Wolf
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I Heart Koalas Blanket
I Heart Koalas Blanket

I Heart Koalas

NEW! 2022 Update includes a face option for the Koala and updated bordering directions ands one-piece blanket options. Create adorable cushions, blankets, and wall hangings with this precious koala design!
  • This pattern can be worked with any weight yarn and hook, but amounts and sizes have been given for worsted weight (I used Lion Brand’s “Pound of Love”) and a 4.5mm hook.
  • Yarn amounts & sizes are given for one joinable block with sc bordering with a finished size of 21 x 18 inches. To calculate for a one-pice, multiply the block amount by how many koalas (full pattern repeats) will be in your one-piece blanket. Please see example one-piece blanket on page 4.
  • This pattern can be increased in multiples of 83 sts across and 39 rows to make any size one-piece blanket.
  • New to Numerical Filet patterns? PLEASE! Read the Help Guide on PAGE 3 of this pattern!
Yarn & Supplies for one block (one full pattern repeat)
  • 334 yards worsted weight yarn
  • 20 yards for sc bordering
  • 4.5mm Hook
  • Stitch Markers
  • Yarn Needle
Wall Hanging Example Hooked by Allyson of @allym5 Cushion Example Hooked by @nelliescrochetniche Questions along the way? Just ask!
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