Prehistoric Blanket
Prehistoric Blanket
Hook up these prehistoric creatures in a traditional one-piece filet blanket or in my new signature joinable granny filet blocks style!
  • This pattern can be worked with any weight yarn and hook.
  • Yarn amounts are for a blanket with a finished size of approximately 28x34 inches using DK yarn and a 4.5mm hook. 
  • My Color Recipe: Stylecraft Special DK in Gold, Lime, Bottle, Lobelia and Dark Brown.
  • This pattern can be increased/decreased in multiples of 61 stitches across and 23 rows up to make any size blanket. 
Fun Fact: Dimetrodons aren't actualy a dinosaur at all!
Now, just so we're very clear, I DO NOT subscribe to the theory of evolution, I'm a die hard Creationist, but in that scientific theory, these creatures are supposed to have come long before the dinosaurs, in the Permian period. You cna thank my son for this info - he's a walking Prehistoric fact book! Science is very cool, just a wee bit off the mark sometimes. But I think we can still enjoy all the interesting conjectures!
I hope you enjoy making this prehistoric pattern as much as me!
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