Sale! Temperature Blanket Filet Crochet Book (2023 CAL)
Temperature Blanket Filet Crochet Book (2023 CAL)
Make a Temperature Blanket - Filet Crochet Style! 2023's Filet CAL is a Temperature Blanket. The 12 monthly blocks will be completely free, so you do not need this eBook to participate in the CAL or complete your temperature blanket for 2023. However, I think you'll find this ebook to be well worth the purchase! This eBook includes:
  • 12 monthly CAL blocks & joining/border pattern for the complete 2023 Temperature Blanket project.
  • 15 additional holiday & weather blocks to mix and match with the free blocks or make whatever other blankets you'd like.
  • 1 CUSTOM year block - so you can make a historical/memory temperature blanket.
  • graphs for all 32 blocks - on the page next to the numerical pattern for easy checking!
This book can be used along with the 2023 Temperature Filet CAL - but it doesn't have to be! You can use these blocks to make a temperature blanket for ANY year...or no year at all - just make solid color blocks for a lovely blanket. All patterns are written in my signature "numerical filet" pattern writing style and include the graphs. This is a large file - 43 pages - please allow a couple minutes for it to download.
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