I have a wonderful group of regular testers, but I am ALWAYS on the hunt for more.

If you know me even a little, then you know I like to be up front and straight forward. So, I will tell you honestly that what I am most searching for (besides dependable people) are crocheters who take really great pictures of their finished projects. One of the most valuable things testers offer me are finished pictures. Your pictures do not have to be “fancy” to be great.

Most of my own pictures are not what I would call fancy, but they are well-lit, clearly show the filet design, and do not show the clutter/mess/life of my home in the background.

Tester Expectations:

  • Testers are a part of my WhatsApp Community where I post all testing calls. WhatsApp is an end-to-end encrypted messaging app that can be installed on your phone, tablet, or computer. When a test call is posted, those interested message me and ask to join the test group. Once a tester has joined the test group for a pattern, I will message them the pattern directly. If it is hard you to download the pattern out of WhatsApp for any reason, I will happily email it instead.
  • Testers will complete the project and submit feedback via google form on or before the deadline.
  • Testers will submit, at minimum, 2 different photographs of their finished test. Preferably this is done in the feedback form, but if you have issues you may send them to me in WhatsApp or by email. The more pictures, the better!
  • Testers will use the WhatsApp test chat for all communication during the test – or you can always feel free to message me privately in the app, if you prefer not posting what you have to say in the chat group.
  • Testers will post at last 1 progress photo & 1 finished photo to either their public instagram account or they will post these in the Mayhem & Majesty Makers FB Group if they do not have a public instagram account. Posting in both places would be extra awesome, if you are able.
  • Testers who have a Ravelry account will create a project during the test with the tester code provided. If you don’t have a Ravelry account, then this expectation does not apply to you.
  • Testers will include any errors (either with the pattern or in grammar/punctuation/spelling/formatting) they notice in the pattern they are testing. If you find a pattern error, please let everyone in the Chat Group know – but please remember to include it in your feedback. I sometimes miss marking down what people note in the chat group, so please (please!) include all your findings in your feedback form – even if someone posted what you found in the chat.
  • Testers who find they are unable to complete the test and provide feedback by the deadline will contact me as soon as possible so I can plan for that deficit.
  • Testers provide their own yarn and supplies for each test. As long as they complete the test on time (unless otherwise arranged), then testers receive a final copy of each pattern they test (via email) in thanks for their hard work and support.
  • Testers who fail to complete their test without contacting me to let me know they are unable will be removed from the Test Community.

YES! I can commit to the above Tester Expectations!

If you have read through the above expectations and think you are would like to work with me, please email me several sample pictures of your finished crochet projects. I would like to see pictures showing that you can take well-lit, clutter-free photos of your crochet. If you need an example, just look at some listings my shop and you’ll see not only my pictures, but tester pictures as well. I am especially looking for pictures of finished crochet blankets, but any finished projects will do, so long as they are showing off your crochet well. Your pictures will be the only deciding factor for whether or not your are selected for a trial tester position. You might be my BFF but if your pictures stink, I’m not gonna pick you. 😆😜😘

  • Option 1: Social Link(s) – You can give me an IG profile link, Facebook crochet business page, a Ravelry notebook link, or an Etsy shop link.
    • If you do not post mainly crochet on your instagram, then please do not send me the link. Your dog is awesome, but I do not want to scroll through 50 pictures of said dog (or kids, garden, cat, tattoos, car, etc) to find your crochet projects.
    • If your instagram is not public, please do not send me the link – I will not be able to see your pictures if your account is set to private.
    • Please do not send me Facebook profile links.
  • Option 2 – Email me pictures of 5-6 different crochet projects that represent how you will take pictures when you test for me. Finished projects, not wips – I want to see how you are able to present your finished hard work. If you are totally new to crochet, then sending me some lovely wip pictures will do.
  • Option 3 – If you post your finished makes in my Facebook Group often, I can see your posts by searching your name. Please make sure to include your name as it appears on Facebook in your email so I can properly search for your posts in the group. Please be sure you have shared several finished photos if you use this option.

Email becca AT mayhemandmajesty DOT com with your pictures. Please use the email subject “Tester Application Pictures” so I can easily catch your message amongst all my other mail. If I like your sample pictures, then I will ask you to participate in a trial test as your earliest convince. Trial tests are 3 weeks long. If I have openings on a current/upcoming design then you may use it as your trial test, otherwise I will give you 2-3 choices from my published designs to work as your trial test.

If selected, how do I take good pictures for my trial test?

Sending clear, well-lit finished pictures is a must for all my testers. Here’s some tips to help you out for your trial test.

  • Light! The finished picture should show off the filet design well. You might need to try a couple different locations to get good pictures. Natural light works best if you do not have a well-lit room in your home.
  • The finished blanket pictures should be free of wrinkles if you are laying it out flat on the floor.
  • Finished pictures should be taken on a CLEAN background. Wood flooring/deck, clean carpet, grass, clean undisturbed snow, patio stone – all pf these work really well. Photos of blankets over a chair, couch, bench, or fence can also look nice.
  • Please use a clean space without your home’s clutter or pets in the picture. 
  • Please DO NOT cover background clutter/mess with blankets and then put the blanket on top of it all to get a picture. This has been done and looks terrible almost every time. If your home does not have a good space for taking pictures, then take a chair outside. Try snapping photos with the blanket over the chair with trees, bushes, or a fence behind. Laying your blanket out on the grass can also work well depending on the color of your yarn. Go to a park if you don’t have a backyard with space for taking pictures.
  • I DO like the occasional in-use pictures – a grandkid or baby using the blanket is ALWAYS fun to share. Or a pet photo-bombing your work! But these are extra to the required pictures.

I hope this was helpful and answered you questions about how you can become a tester for my patterns. Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions about being a tester.