I am not a Super Mom-

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Sometimes social media comments can be embarrassing. I have a couple friends who sometimes refer to me a “super mom,” which could NOT be farther from the truth. The thing is – these ladies KNOW me. And I thought they … Continued

Psalm 46: Be Still & Know-

[pullquote align=center] Be still and know that I AM GOD. Psalm 46:10 [/pullquote] I haven’t been sleeping well the past few days. So many people with thoughts on my life and my kids. It is hard to sort through all … Continued

Psalm 46: I Shall Not Be Moved-

I know Psalm 46 isn’t actually speaking of ME (as I’m not the city of God)… However, God does dwell in me through His Spirit, so I think I can rightfully claim the promise that “God is in the midst … Continued