*Punch cards begin on 12/31/21 and apply to NEW reviews, posts, and Ravelry Projects only. Past reviews/posts/projects are not eligible for punches. But thank you SO MUCH if you have reviewed or shared before without this incentive to urge you ๐Ÿ™‚

20 Punches = 1 FREE Pattern (single patterns only, no ebooks or sets)

  • 2 Punches for linked Ravelry projects with photos finished enough to clearly see the main design/pattern.
  • 2 Punches for well-lighted, clear, unobtrusive background, finished photo(s) that are emailed to me (full size or as large as your email will send please) with your permission to share/use for marketing purposes.
    • This includes (but is not limited to): Pinterest pins, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, my Etsy shop, and mayhemandmajesty.com. Maker credit will be given in all places where it is appropriate (credit may not appear on pin images).
    • The punch is based on my opinion of your photo and therefore I will never use use your photo unless I punched your card!
  • 2 Punches for a review on Etsy with a finished photo.
  • 1 Punch for a rating & review inย my .com shop. Please only review patterns you have purchased and made!
  • 1 Punch for posting your finished project in a crochet group you are part of on Facebook AND crediting Mayhem and Majesty with a link to the pattern you made in my shop so others can easily find it.
  • 1 Punch for reviews on Etsy without a finished photo.
  • 1 Punch for finished photos posted in the Mayhem Makers Fb Group.

Please include the following with your FIRST punch action message so I can set up your card:

  • full name (and name as it appears on Facebook, if different)
  • email
  • Ravelry handle (if you use Ravelry)

How to Be Sure Your Punches are Counted

For Etsy Reviews – please take a screen shot of your review. Message it to me so I can connect a review to a person and know you’d like to start a punch card. Include your full name & email.

For .com Reviews – write a review and make sure it includes your name or a handle to identify you. Message to me to let me know the review is from you (tell me the name/handle you used) and that you’d like to start a punch card so I can start tracking your punches. Include your full name & email.

For Ravelry projects – please message me on Ravelry to let me know you linked up so I can track your punch card.

For Facebook crochet group posts – using @mayhemandmajesty should tag me, but if the group is private or there are questions to join, it may not work. Please take a screen shot of your post, showing the group name if possible, and message it to me.

  • This can easily be done by locating your post and clicking on your name. You will get a screen that shows all your posts in that group. Scroll down to the post you made for you punch. Take a screen shot. Your group’s name will be at the top of the screen, so I can easily see it.

Punch Card FAQs-

Can I review in more than one place for the same pattern? YES! You are encouraged to review your Etsy purchases both on Etsy AND in my .com shop. Etsy only allows reviews of purchased items, but you can review any pattern you’ve purchased (or won) and made on my .com site – no matter where you purchased it. Just go to the that pattern’s listing here on my site and add your review.

Can I post the same photo/link in more than one Facebook crochet group I am a part of? Sure. Message me screen shots of each one, somehow showing the group name, and they will count separately. But please, don’t be spam-y. If you are in a group you interact in regularly, post your project! But don’t go joining a bunch of crochet groups, or reposting things you already shared in a group – just to get punches! ๐Ÿ˜†

How will you be making sure you track my punches correctly? I am counting on you to message or email me proof when you’ve done a punch action. Send a screen shot or a link to your Ravelry Projects so I can check it out. If it’s a review here on my site just message me so I can connect your review to you and not someone else who might have the same name. I will reply letting you know once I have “punched” your card.

How will I know when I have reached 20 punches? I will email you to let you know you’ve earned a free pattern. Please be sure to message me when you do something to earn a punch so I can be sure I connect your review or share with the right person. I encourage you to also track your own punches by downloading the graphic above and punching or marking it in some way once I replied saying I’ve “punched” your card.