Custom Listing for Janice Bryant 2


PLEASE ENSURE THE DETAILS BELOW ARE CORRECT (especially spelling) BEFORE PURCHASING! If they are not, please let me know and I will correct it first.

Panel 1 – $3.00

  • Stitch Width: for HP Blanket
  • Alignment: centered
  • Wording: JANICE
  • Other: –

Panel 2 – $3.00

  • Stitch Width: for HP Blanket
  • Alignment: centered
  • Wording: JAMES
  • Other:

Panel 3 – $3.00

  • Stitch Width: for HOPE Blanket
  • Alignment: centered
  • Wording: BEVERLY
  • Other: include hearts on either side of name

Panel 4 – $3.00

  • Stitch Width: 215
  • Alignment: centered
  • Wording: –
  • Other: “Cement Trucks” set to 215 sts

Please allow 4-7 days from payment for creation and delivery of your custom lettering panel(s). Once complete, you will receive an email to download your updated file(s). You will receive both the Numerical Pattern and Graph for your panel(s).

Right now, the files connected to this purchase are just placeholders to ensure your download links work correctly once the real files are uploaded. I will also send an email/message to you to let you know the files are ready for you to login and download – in case the auto update email ends up in your junk mail.

Questions? Just email or message me!




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