Joining your 2020 Filet CAL Blocks

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What is CJAYG, you ask? It stands for Continuous-Join-As-You-Go. This can be done with many different joining methods, but we’re going to use the granny square stitch.

Many of you have asked why I had you add an extra sc to the top and bottom of your block. This was to make all sides have an equal number of stitches so the joining instructions would be the same on each side of your block. This way, you can chose ANY joining method you prefer, because all your blocks have the same number of stitches on each side. 

If CJAYG seems too intimidating, then please feel free to use whatever block joining method you prefer to join your CAL blocks.

Joining Yarn Amounts

  • Yarn – use the same weight to join as you used to make your blocks.
  • Hook – use the same size as you used for your blocks.

Yarn Amounts – will vary depending on what weight yarn you’re using and what join method you choose. For the continuous-join-as-you-go method the following are approximate for each weight- DK – approximately 130 yards to join all 12 blocks into a 3×4 formation.

Aran – approximately 177 yards to join all 12 blocks into a 3×4 formation.

*Additional yardage will be needed to put a final granny border around the entire blanket. 

Terms & Stitches Used – US Terms

st(s) – stitch(es) 

ch – chain 

sk – skip

dc – double crochet

Standing dc – standing double crochet

sc – single crochet

sl st – slip stitch

rnd – round

Special Stitch Tutorial Links Standing Stitches (by Polly Plum)

Continuous-Join-As-You-Go Layout & Block Joining Order

Here is a picture overview of the order in which we’ll join the months and how the continuous joining works.

Granny Border – Quick  Pattern

If you already know how to do the CJAYG method, then you can get to it with this short hand version of the pattern.

Corner: (3dc, ch1, 3dc)

Sides: sk3, Granny Cluster (noted as “GC” through out), sk2, GC, sk3, GC, sk2, GC, sk3, GC, sk2, GC, sk2, GC, sk2, GC, sk3, GC, sk2, GC, sk3, GC, sk2, GC, sk3

NOTE: The bolded “sk2” is the center of the side. You should have a total of 12 Granny Clusters per side, not counting the clusters in the corners. 

Never done CJAYG? Have no fear!  The full written instructions with a detailed photo tutorial follow next…

Granny Square CJAYG – Photo Tutorial

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Granny Cluster (GC) – 3dc in same st

Corner – (3dc, ch1, 3dc) – this should always be made into the corner sc you marked with a stitch marker while you were putting your sc edge around your filet block.

You should have 12 GC per side, NOT including the GCs that make up the corners.

Let’s Begin!

With your border color, start by making in Standing DC into the top right corner of March, 2dc in same space (half a corner made). *Sk3 sts, GC in next st, sk2 sts, GC in next st, sk3 sts, GC in next st, sk2, GC in next st, sk3 sts, GC in next st, sk2 sts, GC, sk2 sts, GC in next st, sk2 sts, GC in next st, sk3 sts, GC in next st sts, sk2, GC in next st, sk3 sts, GC in next st, sk2 sts, GC in next st, sk3 sts.* Work Corner. Repeat between the * to next corner.

Make only HALF (3dc) of the corner, ch1, then continue by making half a corner into the bottom right corner sc st of February.

Now join into March as shown below between the next GC of March-

Drop loop from hook and insert hook right to left into the space between the first two granny clusters on March.

Put the loop back on your hook and pull it through the GC space on March.


Pull through loop on hook (essentially, you’ve just slip stitched into March to join your blocks together).

Now you’re going to sk3 sts on February and do your GC into next st.

Continue like this up the side of February. Be sure to follow the pattern between the * to space your GCs properly, always joining into March as shown above after making each GC.

Joining corners along the top of your blanket-

When you come to the top right corner of February, make half the corner, join to the ch1 space of March’s corner, ch1, then finish February’s corner.

Continue across the top and down the side of February, then follow the same steps to join January when you get the the bottom left corner of February. 

Finishing & Joining Corners along the bottom of a “row” of blocks-

You’ll finished January down the left side, then make the bottom left corner and go along the bottom of ALL three months. When you come to a corner, you’ll be “finishing” the other half of it like this-

3dc into current block’s corner, ch1, join into the ch1 between the blocks, ch1, 3dc in next block’s corner space…and so on down the line.

Joining Row Two and all following Block Rows-

Make the first half of March’s bottom right corner then STOP and put a stitch marker in your work. You’ll have to wait until June to join the next block if you want the months to “read” from left to right on the blanket like the map I gave you on page 2.

Remember, you will want to wait until you have your JUNE block finished to do this step.

Joining a block to start a new row is EXACTLY like joining a new block to extend a row – you’re just joining along the top/bottom instead of along the sides.

You should have the 3dc for half a corner in the bottom right of March, now ch1, 3dc into the top right of June (here I’m showing you using my April block).

Now work across the top of June while joining to March.

When you get to the top left corner of June, do half a corner into the corner st (3dc). Then drop the loop from your hook and insert your hook front to back into the corner ch1 space of the block across from it diagonally (in this case, February’s corner). Join as other corners before and then finish the June corner with 3 more dc.

Now just continue down the side of June. When you get to the corner, join up May as the same way you joined February to March.

Then when you come to the top right corner of May, join it the same was you joined June – When you come to a corner that has two or more squares already joined, you will ALWAYS be making your working block’s corner join into the block that is across from it diagonally.

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