Psalm 119:36- Maybe DON’T go get it, girl.

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We’re bombarded with thinking of ourselves first all day long. It’s in our favorite quotes and slogans turned into “motivational” memes and planner stickers-

“Get it girl.”

“She thought she could and so she did.”

These things aren’t BAD but they can be motivating us to be led by ourselves and our own desires, and not by God’s desires for our lives. And following what we want will never truly satisfy. There will always be something bigger to achieve, win, or be.

…Until one day we find we’re so run down, stressed, and poorly achieving what we had thought was our “thing” that we slow down enough and cry out to God in frustration- and He says, “but this wasn’t MY thing for you!”

Incline my heart to Your testimonies and not to selfish gain!” Psalm 119:36

If your dream-chasing and go-getting is leaving you a mess…as it often has me…take a moment to listen in the silence. Maybe what you dream of achieving is GOOD.

But maybe it’s just not GOOD for you to do RIGHT NOW.

You don’t need to “Do All the Things” – no matter what that blinged-out planner sticker says.


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