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One thing I never hope to do is make other Christ-followers think they must have the same vocations as me, my husband, or my family. Yet, I’m certain I’ve done this and will again, because: human here.

We are saved by grace through faith for Christ’s sake.

And after that, we each need to be in constant communication with our savior, and our husbands, to decide the best direction for our family in areas of Biblical liberty. Like hair color. And skinny jeans. And tattoos. And education.

There are people who argue that homeschool is the BEST school. Saying all those who read and follow their Bibles will come to the conclusion that they should homeschool their children. I WAS this person for several years. (Lord, have mercy!)

I believe the Bible is absolute truth. But I do NOT believe God equips all families for the exact same vocations.

I’ve searched (and searched), yet I can’t find the verse that says “Every Christian should homeschool their children,” or the one that says, “Saints who utilize public education are less than worthy in God’s sight.” If every Christ-following family pulled their children from public schools we would lose many God-fearing teachers, aids, bus drivers, administrators and children who are daily shining their lights into a very dark arena. I am so very thankful for these believers, as I was blessed with many wonderful Christian teachers as I grew up in the public school system.

I don’t think homeschooling is the only right choice. But I DID think that- and I was more than certainly a bit of an asshat during those years. Do I wish more families gave homeschooling serious thought and prayer? Without question! I think too many families push it aside because of wrong assumptions. Funny, but I was also that person at one time.

That said, we have decided to end the homeschooling leg of our journey for some of our kids. (For now, because I’ve learned to never say never).

This choice isn’t made lightly, but the burden it has lifted from my shoulders is nothing short of biblical. For too long I have tried to be everything to my kids, because no one could possibly do it well except me. That if God put us on this homeschool path, that’s IT – it is the ONE right choice, forever. Because if I was really following Jesus, I’d choose to do all the hardest things, even at the expense of my family. Because our life is supposed to be hard if I’m doing all the right things that will make me the best Christian.

I see now that homeschooling became nothing about following Jesus, but instead everything about being the best Jesus-follower. Ironically, it may have made me one of the worst. As believers life WILL be hard, but I don’t think we are to seek out the hardest things just because we think it will make us better Christians. Salvation doesn’t work like that, and I see now that I had forgotten the truth – no matter how unintentional.

Simply put – homeschooling has become an idol and identity for me that has effected my marriage, my relationships with my kids, my relationship with God, my friendships, and my own emotional well-being.

And while some of my feelings in this choice could be described as apprehensive, I am NOT fearful. A wise woman once asked me if I thought God wouldn’t be with my family and my kids, protecting and loving us, just because we didn’t homeschool (or have a dozen kids). A year and a half ago when she asked that, I realized that I DID think that- even as I tried to deny it.

We’re asking for your prayers as we move forward in this hard decision. Prayers for our kids and for their future teachers. Prayer for our eyes, as parents, to be opened to the hard things – to see what we need to fight against, the things we need to fight for, and to be prepared to have the hard conversations with our kids that will undoubtably need to happen younger than we expect.

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